Monday, November 21, 2016

Research Online To Find the Best University in Dubai

UAE is made up of seven emirates and the most well known of these are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Both are world class cities and have successfully managed to embrace modernism while still retaining their rich Arab culture and heritage. Most of the UAE was made up of small fishing villages until the discovery of oil in the 1950s changed everything. The UAE now exports oil and gas and has used its ample resources to improve their nation providing their people with the best infrastructure and facilities which includes tax free earnings. 

The UAE has also focused on education as an important feature of its progress. One can find the best of the world’s universities and colleges now in the UAE.  Where once people looked to the UAE as a place to work in or to visit now there are enquiries about the best university in UAE. These options in education are not restricted to the citizens of the UAE or for people who work here and have their families with them but also to students from across the world. The best university in Dubai is now just a few clicks away with all the required information being easily available online for those looking to apply.

The internet has brought everything to our fingertips and a student anywhere in the world can easily find out the eligibility criteria and admission procedures for any of the courses offered by the colleges and universities in the UAE. From the options offered by the institute, to its accreditation and where it stands in the QS world university ranking everything can be found out by browsing online. There are government authorities in the UAE that also maintain regular quality checks on the courses available in these colleges. One of the best university in Dubai is Bits Pilani; this college offers its students a wide variety of courses in engineering, sciences and even Humanities. With the best teaching staff who are all professionals in their fields Bits Pilani is easily among the best university in UAE.

Bits Pilani needs no introduction as it is already a very established name in India and is among the most sought after college in the region. In Dubai, their students have world class facilities like state of the art labs, interactive sessions with experts in their chosen subjects, a chance to try for the best institutes for higher education and even the best recreational activities within the campus. Students   looking for a doctorate degree can opt for on or off campus PhDs and can even attempt a part time PhD at Bits Pilani, making it the best university in Dubai even for post graduate studies. Trained staff is available around the clock to answer emails or to chat online for any queries on admission, subjects on offer, course duration, fees etc. Bits Pilani offers students a chance to chart out their future professional careers with the best foundation. Find out more about why Bits Pilani is the best university in UAE by browsing their official site

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Mahesh Shiraskar is a well-known expert in academics and knows everything there is to know about which is the best university in UAE.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Top Universities in UAE Have Accreditations with Worlds Best Colleges

The UAE in recent years has become popular as a tourist destination with its beautiful beaches, the best of shopping with brands from across the world and its roots deep in an ancient Arab culture that is still evident in the traditions and old world souks. People come to the emirates from across the world and the many multinational companies have employees from all nations. Considering the requirements of the many people who live and work here the authorities in the UAE have ensured that every convenience is available in the city.

From the best infrastructure and housing to the best colleges and top universities in UAE there is everything in place to ensure comfort for the people who live and work here. Education is an important feature in the UAE and every care has been taken to address this with some of the top universities in the UAE. Eerier one would have to look for options outside the UAE for higher education but not anymore with the options to choose the best university in UAE easily available to all. There are students from other nations across the world who come to the UAE for higher education; such is the reputation of the education system. 

With dedicated authorities to ensure quality education one can find well known colleges and top universities in the UAE with accreditation to the best universities in the world. Campus placements also ensure great professional careers and for those looking to continue with higher education there are options in Dubai or moving to another university abroad is also easier. The QS world university ranking rates as the best many of the top universities in UAE.  Among the best university in UAE is Bits Pilani,  already a well established name in Indian and the Asian region the college offers students a variety of courses at the under graduate level, for masters and as well as Doctorate degrees and as well as Humanities and Social Sciences. For various degrees in sciences to finance and engineering Bits Pilani today is easily ranked among the top universities in UAE. 

The college authorities lay a strong emphasis on excellent qualified staff and the best facilities in the labs for all fields. The college campus is large and extracurricular activities like various sports, cultural events, clubs and associations help in an all round development of the student. Students are encouraged to excel in activities outside the class rooms as well. A great example of this is the Airel Robotics Competition which the students of Bits Pilani won at the International Robotics completion in the USA. Transportation, housing, financial assistance, medical care, cafeteria are just some of the facilities available to the students of Bits Pilani. With the reach of the internet one can find out more on the top universities in UAE without having to make a trip to the UAE. Bits Plain too has knowledgeable staff available for queries and information on their chat lines 24*7. Find out more about the courses available at this best university in UAE and the criteria for each from the online site www.Bits

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Engineering Colleges in Dubai Offer World Class Facilities for Students

Dubai is a well known city in the world and the image that immediately comes to mind is of a very modern city with glass fronted high rises and the best shopping in the world. While all this is true what one is immediately aware of in Dubai is the care and attention that has gone into the infrastructure of the city and the conveniences that are available to the citizens and to the people who work and study in Dubai.

Special attention has been given to the education system in the UAE and Dubai is the foremost in this. With people from all over the globe coming to Dubai to live and work in, their families also need access to the best education possible. Not only for the local students and for expats but this facility is also available for any student looking for good universities in order to pursue their subjects. Dubai has universities and colleges offering a wide range of courses from architecture, medicine, dentistry, management studies, financial degrees, masters and engineering. The engineering colleges in Dubai are among the best in the region with world class facilities and excellent trained and qualified staff.

For those looking for different types of engineering courses in Dubai will not be disappointed as one can look for admission in any of the many engineering colleges in Dubai that offer engineering degrees in Civil engineering, Biotechnology, mechanical, computer science, electrical and electronics and many others. With the convenience of the internet one need not make a trip to Dubai in order to find out about the types of engineering courses that are available there. All the universities and colleges have an online presence where requirements and the eligibility for various courses are clearly detailed. This information can be accessed at any time of the day r at night at a time convenient to the browser.

Among the best engineering colleges in Dubai is Bits Pilani. Already a very well known institution in India, Bits Pilani is the foremost name among engineering colleges in the region. Their integrated first degree program in engineering offers students a chance to make a path towards a professional career with admission chances to some of the world best universities for higher degree programs. The types of engineering courses on offer cover all the most sought after branches of various fields of engineering. The engineering courses in Bits Pilani are based on subjects like mathematics and sciences and the teaching practises include the best techniques of synthesis and analysis and the undergraduate programmes are for 8 semesters usually completed in 4 years.

All types of engineering courses in Bits Pilani have been approved by the KHDA, The Knowledge and Human Development Authority which carries out checks to ensure the quality of education in Dubai by comparing it to the same course in a parallel foreign institute. The best facilities are also available for those aspiring to study any of the many engineering courses at Bits Pilani with student housing, financial help, medical facilities, a cafeteria and various sports and other activities for recreation. Choose from the best engineering colleges in Dubai visit www.Bits

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why to Target Foreign Education at Dubai University?

UAE is a destination full of dynamism. Rich in heritage, trend-setting infrastructure, considerate hospitality, tourism, political solidity, aviation industry, entertainment, and more make the experience memorable in UAE. Along with other developments, academic sector too is reaching new height. Schools of international standards and best universities in UAE make the academic sector well-rounded and extremely prestigious.

Heterogeneous Culture 

Travelling and exploring cultures are the best activities for modern-day youth. By staying in the UAE, one explores unique culture of Emirates. UAE also includes cultural influence of various different Arab-Islamic regions. Another factor that’s worth considering is the amalgamation of multicultural community belonging to Middle East, South East Asia and other similar regions. English is again a common language spoken widely. This diversity provides a comfort zone for tourists, businessmen or students coming over to experience the marvelous culture. 

Educational Frontiers in UAE

Since a decade or two, UAE has been a preferred spot for intellectual development. There are numerous public as well as private institutions catering to modern needs of education to the aspirants. With the boom in oil industry, aviation, financial segment, and tourism; it has all contributed towards the increased interest in UAE. The support of local government, industrialists’ contribution and the following of international pattern of modern education lends UAE the reputation that it deserves today. Considering higher education, there are several best universities in UAE targeting international students.  Students can not only attain higher levels of education here, they can also expect to be made to feel at home.

Dubai as the City of Fascination

Hearing the name of UAE; the first image that comes to mind is of Dubai – the city of wonder. The sky-scrapers, world class malls, cleanliness, palm islands, desert lookouts and multi ethnic crowd make Dubai an impeccable travel experience. Multiple entertainment options are available making time vivid and memorable. Having entertainment along with learning would be an experience to take in Dubai. Due to its wide development in infrastructure, engineering programs are in much demand. Plenty of top universities in Dubai facilitate the demand of engineering segment. Universities and engineering colleges in Dubai present modern educational technologies, talented faculty pools, research programs, campus interviews etc. All of these form a part of quality education. Aspirants, studied from any Dubai university, stand for a global chance anywhere in the world.

Need to know top universities in Dubai?

BITS Pilani, Dubai campus, has been one of the renowned universities in UAE.   It presents modern education with top technology and faculty experience. You can visit the university’s website: and make the right choice.  

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Mahesh Shiraskar believes education is a broad sector, and thinks that studying from the best universities in UAE would make career easier.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Boost Your Career - Join Chemical Engineering in Dubai

Engineering is the backbone for any innovation. Be it construction of building, creating a machine, designing software, making a devise, innovating new medicines etc. Engineering comes in the centre of all. Growing economies of any country need engineers to maintain the progress by bringing innovations. Engineers are thus always in high demand, be it any city or country. Engineering has various branches under it viz. mechanical, chemical, I.T., electrical, civil etc. All has different methodologies and applications to its respective fields. In this, chemical engineering is one of the booming branches that have its applications on broader side. Chemical engineering course provides avenues for understanding theoretical and practical application of chemical science.

Scope of Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is a unique branch of engineering that deals with the application of physical sciences and life sciences. It aims to produce or transform any product to make it conducive to the demand of the unit. To do this, engineers use or convert chemicals along with materials and make a useful product. It has its applications to many fields like energy, environmental department, petro chemicals, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, water etc. Engineers, pass out from renowned institutions, are given good opportunity for the various positions in the respective fields. One of the common courses, aspirant chooses, is B Tech in chemical engineering.  
Chemical Engineering in Dubai

Dubai, as we know, has been popularly known for its impeccable infrastructure and oil exploration. Oil was found in the mid of 20th century and since then the oil industry grew eventually. There are plenty trade centres established for oil industry since then. Dubai also witnessed expansion into aviation, financial services, real-estate, entertainment, tourism etc. Since two decades academic sector too is booming in Dubai, UAE. Several public and private sectors have come up to offer world level education. On one side students enjoy the marvelous culture of Dubai and on the other they can learn through the best courses available. Due to oil industry expansion, courses on chemical engineering in Dubai are also on peak. Eminent chemical engineering colleges in Dubai offer best in class educational facilities. They are best in material resources, well equipped laboratories for experiments, proficient faculties, research exposure etc. Students get broader career scope after passing out from prestigious institutions. Some research scholars even pursue phd in chemical engineering and get instantly placed at industries.   

BITS Pilani as one of the premier institutions
BITS Pilani is an esteemed institutions offering chemical engineering in Dubai. The Indian based institute has been a trend setter in imparting quality education. It presents facilities with international standard. Better amenities, competent professors, research initiatives, internet facilities, advanced labs etc. make classroom learning a valuable experience. You can visit the university’s website: and can opt for the best courses.

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Mahesh Shiraskar is an educationist, and believes in gaining valuable education. He assures chemical engineering in UAE would do just in your career.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Widen Your Career Pursuing Computer Science and Engineering

Globally, Engineering programs are top-end courses as far as mainstream courses are concerned. Engineering is a broader concept which covers various branches catering services to Automobile (Mechanical), I.T., Computer Engineering, Chemical, Electronics Communications etc. In this, 
Computer science and engineering is much in demand. Internationally, due to advancement in digital technology, computer science and engineering is at its peak. 

Engineering Degree in Dubai? A Worthy Choice

Dubai, a prime location of UAE, has been known as a glitz city. It is popular as a trade centre of the Middle East. Earlier, Dubai was the core of attraction for its archives in oil industry. But eventually, it grew to be a midpoint of multiple modern opportunities like tourism, entertainment, aviation, infrastructure etc. Keeping up its side of development, the city has much to offer to learners. Considering boom in real-estate, infra and digital technology, multiple institutions offer computer science and engineering management courses in Dubai. The colleges and universities offer excellent infrastructure, adept faculty members, diverse multicultural students, scholarships, multi-equipped laboratory, global touch of learning etc. Undoubtedly, it gives an ample scope for company recruitment too.  

Scope of Computer Science and Engineering

Learning at one of the globally developed cities, Dubai being one, offers better opportunities. Due to its diversity, city does attract scholars to team up in the workforce of different fields. As mentioned, computer science and engineering program is beneficial to study and explore in Dubai. Computer science offers education in programming and computer applications which helps to control machinery, game designing, robot navigation, software development, hardware solutions, tracking stock-market trends etc. It offers careers as
- Software developer
- Game developer
- System architect 
- System analyst  
- Database programmer
- I.T. consultants

Another branch is engineering management which entails training in business and engineering. Here, aspirants learn about the practices in business industry and engineering science about the product development, manufacturing construction and other industrial engineering. Learners surely learn here technical as well as leadership skills. Dubai provides multiple careers in this due to its boom in infrastructure field. Job opportunities double due to its wide industrial demand.

BITS Pilani offering Computer Engineering Degree in Dubai

BITS Pilani, is one of the principal institutions offering engineering degree in Dubai. BITS, ‘Birla Institute of Technology & Science’, is an Indian institution having many branches in Asia. The institute has produced many world-class computer engineers. It offers courses on computer science, engineering management and many more. It presents premier infrastructure, global faculties, academic competitions, interactive learning environment and high focus on research and recruitment. You can visit the university’s website: and make right selection for courses.

Author Note: Mahesh Shiraskar is a professor, and believes in diverse education. He thinks that having engineering courses in Dubai would be an advantageous experience.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to Select from Different Types of Engineering Courses?

The engineering courses list is extremely broad, and it is continuously on the rise.  There are newer courses being added to the mix in order to meet industry demands.  While this can offer some fascinating options for you, it can also lead to confusion in selecting the right engineering course.  If you are in high school and trying to make a decision about the engineering course to pursue, some of the following tips might help.

PASSION: The most basic question that you need to answer is whether you are passionate about a particular type of engineering.  Let us take an example.  Some students love working with the computer.  They are intrigued by how various algorithms support larger systems and are interested in knowing more about the field.  In that case, they will be encouraged to pursue computer science or computer engineering.  On the other hand, the students who love to understand machines can pursue mechanical engineering.  Hence, selecting from the various types of engineering courses can be made a little demystified through this route.

OPPORTUNITIES:  The next thing to consider is the kind of job opportunities that are available.  If you pursue your engineering from a renowned university, you will always have job offers.  However, certain types of engineering jobs are more popular in particular parts of the world.  You should make sure that you gain all this information before making a decision.

JOB ROLE:  Also, important to note is that the roles that you will play.  There is a gradual transition to each job role, and you need to be aware about that.  You might have to start at the ground level and grow from there.  Researching about it will hold you in good stead.

DIVERSIFICATION:  Sometimes, you might want to mix your education up.  Therefore, it is important that you consider the options of diversification.  Some engineering courses will offer better options of diversification than the others.  Studying about that will make a difference.

COURSE LIST:  Once you have shortlisted a few streams that you find interesting, you can spend some time to go through the various courses that are covered in that stream.  While looking at the larger picture, you might think that you are extremely passionate about a course.  However, when you look at the actual list of courses; you might run into some courses that you don’t find as interesting.

Regardless of the engineering course you decide to pursue, Dubai can present high-quality education for that.  Dubai colleges and universities are gaining in popularity because of their high quality of education and focus on student success.

Among those top Dubai colleges and universities is Bits Pilani.  It is an experienced engineering university with branches in multiple countries of the world.  The university offers top quality education and emphasizes on state-of-the-art infrastructure.  For more information, you can visit Bits Pilani’s website at or contact the admission team at:

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Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician and insists that students research thoroughly about the various types of engineering courses before making a choice.

Friday, July 15, 2016

What an MS in Mechanical Engineering Can Get You?

So, the world of automobiles is changing.  In the yesteryears, people were extremely concerned about how their car performed.  With the passage of time, people started thinking of the looks and performance of their career.  In other words, how their car moved was pertinent without any doubt.  However, they also wanted to make sure that the car looked great.  In today’s modern world, that has changed even further.  Not only do car buyers care about looks and performance, they also want to think about how eco-friendly their vehicle is.  So, why are we telling you about this?  That’s because this gives us a hint towards how mechanical engineering has gradually transitioned.  A bachelor’s or MS in mechanical engineering student will today have to broaden their perspective and look at various different things in order to be successful.


Let us first clarify that mechanical engineering is not just about cars.  However, among the various industries that mechanical engineers can shape; automobiles happens to be one of the prime ones.  To put it in simple words, mechanical engineering is about design, construction, and use of machines.  This discipline applies concepts of engineering, physics, and even materials science.  Mechanical engineers can design, analyze, build, and maintain any mechanical system.


So, let’s come back to the topic that we started off with.  Recently, some of the top mechanical engineers are trying to create prototypes of eco-friendly cars.  We have all heard of cars that use multiple sources of energy to make them environmentally efficient.  It makes them cheaper to run too.  Students and professionals are now going forward and trying to build cars that completely work on renewable sources of energy.  However, developing them is not the only aspect.  One needs to look at their utility and efficiency too.

If you pursue your bachelor’s and/or MS in mechanical engineering, you open up the flood gates of opportunities.  You might be one of those people who love cars and care for the environment.  Mechanical Engineering can just the perfect avenue for you to apply your knowledge to chase your passion.


We have clearly established now that mechanical engineering can be an interesting career choice for you.  You get to pursue your passion.  However, where do you do it from?  Dubai can be a unique choice for you in that regard.  There are a wide range of mechanical engineering colleges in Dubai that offer very high quality of education to you.  In addition to that, there is absolutely no dearth of mechanical engineering universities in Dubai.  In short, you have all the options to make a strategic choice.

Bits Pilani is one of the highly reputed mechanical engineering universities in Dubai.  Not only does the university offer great education, it also has a range of courses to offer.  Hence, if you wish to select from a wide range of mechanical engineering courses in Dubai, you can visit Bits Pilani’s website at or contact the admission team at:

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Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician and believes that students should follow their passion.  An MS in mechanical engineering can be one great way of doing that.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Things to Do Before Your B Tech Chemical Engineering

B Tech Chemical Engineering

Given that you are reading this article, we assume that you have just completed your high school and you are all set to move further towards your bachelor’s course.  In the field of engineering, there are various directions you can take.  In this article, we will speak about B Tech Chemical Engineering.  However, the same learning can easily be transferred onto any other courses too.

While most people believe that a transition from high-school to university will not be huge, many people do face issues along the way.  Many of them aren’t even sure of how to learn.   After having excelled at high school, you would think that you know exactly how to perform.  However, university can be a different ball game.  Strategies you used in high-school don’t work anymore in the fast-paced and challenging university environment.  For example, memorizing solutions isn’t the real idea. At university, you actually need to understand each solution and implement it to real life situations.  

Following are some things you can do before starting your B Tech chemical engineering course:

Plan your Future: Before starting your bachelor’s course, you need to know what your future plan is.  It’s great to say that you want to pursue your master’s and follow that up with a PHD in chemical engineering.  However, that’s not the path that works for everyone.  Some people would like to do their master’s in business administration after their bachelor’s in chemical engineering.  That can be an interesting combination too.

Engage your Senses: This strategy will go a long way in helping you develop a learning model that works for you at the university.  You need to train yourself to engage all your senses while learning the concepts.  There are so many concepts for you to understand, memorizing just wouldn’t work.  By engaging your senses, you will be able to remember solutions better and be able to use them to solve problems.

Don’t Procrastinate: We all have bad habits, and procrastination can be one of those.  University can be extremely fast-paced, and procrastination can mean that you miss the train before you know.  That wouldn’t augur well for your grades.  Hence, you should train yourself to be prompt even before you enter the university.

Set up a Study Schedule: Once you are in the university, you will do well to set up a study schedule so you know what your target is for that week.


If you want to pursue chemical engineering, you will be pleased to note that there are several chemical engineering courses in the city.  With high standards of education and great international exposure, Dubai can be your perfect choice to give your career a boost.

In terms of the various chemical engineering colleges in Dubai, as well as universities, Bits Pilani stands out in the crowd.  The university is known for its experienced faculty and focus on education.  You can visit the university’s website: or contact the admission team at:

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Information about Computer Science & Engineering Courses

Computer Science is turning out to be an extremely popular course stream for students.  Many students pursue bachelor of computer science to lend a new direction to their career.  After completing their bachelors, students can decide to pursue their masters in the field.  However, things have changed a little in the recent times.  Forward-looking students are aspiring to add a new angle to their profile, and that happens by combining computer science and engineering.  

Basically speaking, computer science is deeply rooted into the concepts of mathematics and engineering.  Mathematics is generally used to conduct the desired analysis in the field.  On the other hand, Engineering appends design concepts to the course.  Therefore, combining computer science and engineering can offer a holistic approach to the student’s profile.


Computer Science involves systematically studying a range of algorithmic methods for the transformation as well as representation of information.  Students have to go through various stages of theory, designing, implementation, theory application, and more.  Following are some of the significant elements of the computer science syllabus:

Computation Theory
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Architecture
Software Systems


Computer Engineering isn’t exactly different than computer science.  Computer Engineering shares much of its history as well as areas of interest with Computer Science.  The only difference is that computer engineering focuses more on the design & prototype of computer systems as well as devices.  Students are taught on how computing ideas can be transformed into workable physical systems.  Much of what students learn is a mixed blend of computer science and electrical engineering.


Absolutely!  Combining the two fields will mean that your education becomes more holistic and inclusive.  It will cover most of what you need to know about computing- the science and the engineering components of that.  Moreover, this combination can also open up various new avenues for your career.


Dubai is an ideal destination for high quality international education.  We say this because various globally renowned colleges & universities have set up their campuses in Dubai.  One of the reasons for that is the city’s location.  It is an ideal fusion of the west and the east, and people from both sides of world get together there.  

Bits Pilani is one of the renowned universities in Dubai.  It offers students the option of receiving high quality education in a way that suits their career the best.  It has computer science engineering courses available for students.  Find out more about the university at or call them at:

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Mahesh Shiraskar is an engineering professional, and believes that combining computer science and engineering can catalyze your career growth.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Pursue an MS in Mechanical Engineering?

Are you a student confused about your career prospects?  This article might throw some more light on what the future holds for you.  If you look at the job prospects, you will realize that the job-market today is extremely competitive.  While there are numerous open job opportunities, recruiters are extremely particular about the skills that they are seeking.  Given this scenario, it becomes prudent to pursue a master’s degree.  Let us focus today on mechanical engineering.  An MS in Mechanical Engineering can open up great avenues for your career.  Experience & common sense suggests that students with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering fare better than the ones with just a bachelor’s degree.  Here are some more reasons why you should pursue an MS in Mechanical Engineering.  


There are a couple of things that most students consider while selecting a course.  The first consideration is their preference.  Do you like doing what you will be doing after completing a particular course?  The second criterion is the salary potential.  With a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, there are some great salaries on offer for deserving candidates.


A mechanical engineering degree makes you a jack of all trades.  That augurs well for the future that we are headed to.  Companies expect candidates to be able to do more than one thing.  A mechanical engineer can be expected to possess working knowledge of electricity structures, computer apps, math, and even physics.  Moreover, mechanical engineers are also acquainted with other factors like economic and environmental.


Can you think of a single country that does not need mechanical engineers?  That global opportunity is one of the many reasons why a master’s in mechanical engineering can catalyze your career.  Many students today decide to pursue masters in mechanical engineering in Dubai.  Dubai is strategically located and it can let you be the ideal global citizen.


There are tons of mechanical engineering courses in Dubai and around the world.  You get the option of selecting the course of your choice.  


A mechanical engineer can help in the development of new technologies for multiple industries.  Be it transport, healthcare, construction, or robotics; mechanical engineers can contribute towards that.  What an exciting time to be a mechanical engineer!

We mentioned above that Dubai can be a good location to pursue your mechanical engineering.  There are a number of colleges as well as mechanical engineering universities in Dubai.  That’s why Dubai has become an attractive destination for students from all around the globe.  Among those universities, one of the most respected ones is Bits Pilani.   The university has been providing quality engineering education for years now.  Find out more about the university at or call them at:

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Mahesh Shiraskar thinks that an MS in Mechanical Engineering can add more scope to your career.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More Information about B Tech in Chemical Engineering

Do you want to pursue chemical engineering?  It is a good choice.  Experts believe that chemical engineering is one of the broadest branches of engineering.  This means that you have a lot to learn, and there are multiple avenues of specialization for you.  For starters, you will need to complete B Tech Chemical Engineering.  Following that you can do your masters and even go on to pursue PHD in Chemical Engineering for career prospects.


As we mentioned earlier, there is a lot for you to learn.  Professionals in the field of Chemical Engineering are trained to design, manufacture, operate, as well as control the processes of multiple industries.  It is such a field that is required in almost all industries.  Take the example of food & beverages; chemical engineers play a pivotal role in this industry.  There are other industries that need chemical engineers like nuclear power, nanotechnology, petrochemicals, power generation, etc.  


The next question is where do you pursue your chemical engineering from.  There are various universities and colleges that offer bachelors and masters courses in chemical engineering.  However, many students want to pursue international education.  If you are interested in pursuing international education too, Dubai can be an ideal choice.  This is because the city offers numerous career opportunities to students.  There are quite a few chemical engineering colleges in Dubai that can train young professionals to take on the career avenues that are currently open.  Moreover, Dubai is strategically located too.  It is not very far from anywhere, and that is something that students appreciate.  As an international student, you don’t want to be far away from your home-town.  


Let’s talk a little about B Tech Chemical Engineering. It is required all over the world to propel industries of a nation.  A B-Tech program in chemical engineering prepares students for the fundamentals of chemical engineering.  Students also receive the desired flexibility to specialize in the electives of their choice.  There are multiple specializations available for chemical engineering students like material science, etc.


If you want to pursue chemical engineering in Dubai, you have several options of universities available.  Among the popular universities in the city, Bits Pilani has become one of the most reputed ones.  It is highly experienced in offering quality education to students.  The students who pass out of this course are equipped with the desired knowledge of various subjects.  Secondly, the university employs some of the most renowned faculty members in the field.  You can find more about the university at or call the university at:

About Author:
Mahesh Shiraskar thinks that chemical engineers will catalyze the world’s growth, and pursuing a chemical engineering course from Dubai can make all the difference.

Monday, May 16, 2016

How to Select Between Different Types of Engineering Courses?

Engineering is an extremely broad term.  There are many different types of applications that fall under the purview of Engineering.  Most branches of engineering combine math, science, and technology.  The role of most engineers is to find creative solutions to real-world problems.  As you might have guessed, there is no dearth of problems that our world needs to address.  That is why there are various types of engineering courses available.  In the past, there were 4 major engineering branches:

1. Mechanical

2. Chemical

3. Civil

4. Electrical

Obviously, there were sub branches within these broad disciplines.  However, times have changed.  Newer problems have been identified and innovative ideas have been developed to solve them.  Because of that reason, there are more fields to engineering today.  In today’s times, some of the engineering disciplines include:

1. Computer Engineering

2. Electrical Engineering

3. Mechanical Engineering

4. Civil Engineering

5. Environmental Engineering

6. Geotechnical Engineering

7. Architectural Engineering

8. Bio Engineering

9. Chemical Engineering

10. Aerospace Engineering


The first thing to do is make sure that you are interested in the field of Engineering.  Hence, it is imperative that you read about the tasks that engineers perform and ensure that you are interested.  Asking your professors about the same can help too. Strong background in math definitely helps.  As a second step, identify what interests you the most.  If you want to make a contribution to computers & computing systems, Computer Engineering is the way to go.  On the other hand, if you are fascinated by how electrical systems contribute to modern-day marvels; Electrical engineering can do the job for you.

Once you have identified a couple of engineering disciplines you are interested in, you should browse through the engineering courses list for your shortlisted disciplines.  In addition to that, you should also consider the job prospects for your shortlisted Engineering disciplines.  On the basis of that, you will be able to select the engineering stream that works for you.


Dubai is picking up as a destination of choice for international students.  It offers some of the best engineering courses and great job prospects.

Among some of the top Dubai colleges and universities, Bits Pilani finds an important spot.  Bits Pilani started off as an Indian university, but has now made its mark in Dubai too.   To know more, you can visit the university’s website: or contact the admission team at:

About Author:
Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician, and counsels students on multiple courses.  He helps students select from among the different types of engineering courses.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Biotechnology Courses in Dubai - Introduction !!!

Scope of Biotechnology

You might have heard people tell you that biotechnology courses open up a range of opportunities for you.  Before we get into the scope of Biotechnology, let’s first do a quick introduction of this field.  Biotechnology relates to using living organisms as well as systems to develop such products that can improve human life.  As simple as this might sound to you, it includes a range of activities that can transform our future.  Analysis of DNA, research for anti-cancer drugs, and so much more is included in a Biotechnology course.  There are multiple biotechnology courses in Dubai that domestic and international students can pursue.

Scope of Biotechnology

Students, passing out of a biotechnology course, can make a contribution in one of the following industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Processing
  • Agricultural Production
  • Animal Rearing
  • Cosmetics, etc.

B.E. Biotechnology

The bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology can be pursued after completing 10 + 2.  This degree generally takes about four years of full time study.  In these 4 years, students will learn about various scientific techniques in biotechnology.  Some of those include cell functioning, gene manipulation, and a lot else.   There’s never a boring moment with this course.  This is because there is so much to be learnt in here.  The course can include a lot of laboratory work, research, and computer application.  Students can perform different tasks like analyzing DNA on a gel, learning about ways in which microbes can clean up pollution, researching about drugs for different diseases, etc.

This, however, is just the stepping stone.  After completing their B.E. Biotechnology, students can choose to move on to do a master’s course and follow that up with PHD in Biotechnology.  Some other students decide to use their bachelor’s degree to transition into other fields like medical, veterinary, and even dental studies.  Hence, it is up to the students to decide how they want to shape their career.  Either way, there is opportunity on offer for all.

Biotechnology Courses in Dubai

Over the last few years, Dubai has continued to grow as a popular centre for biotechnology education.  Some of the most recognized global universities have set-up their campus here, and provide wide range of biotechnology courses to students.  Courses include learning about cell biology, forensic science, genetics, regenerative medicine, immunology, etc.

Bits Pilani is a popular Dubai university.  It is renowned for the quality of education that it offers and the variety of courses that are available.  You can visit the university’s website: or contact the admission team at:

About Author:
Mahesh shiraskar is an academician and believes that biotechnology courses in Dubai can help students carve out a successful career.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Engineering Courses List in Dubai is Wide & Comprehensive

If you need to engineer your career in a way that it guarantees success, an engineering degree from Dubai is the right choice for you.  An engineer is generally required to work across various industries.  S/he is required to design as well as implement solutions for day-to-day living of people.  The eventual goal is to make the world a more efficient place.  An engineer needs to pick up a field of work, and build solutions there.  Hence, you might want to specialize in mechanical engineering or computer engineering or one of the various other fields.  To do the same, you need to pick from the comprehensive engineering courses list.  When it comes to Dubai, it has it all for you.  Not only does it offer a range of courses, it presents multiple job opportunities as well.   When you study in Dubai, you are presented with some of the best engineering courses.  On completing your education, you have the option of working in the field of finance, science, technology, civil engineering, infrastructure, education, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

Why Engineering?

Here are some personality traits that can justify pursuing an Engineering course:
  • Are you inquisitive?
  • Do you love to solve problems?
  • Do you like to trouble-shoot technology’s application?
These are common personality traits found in engineers.  They love to solve problems and the application of current technology in various facets of life.  If you have one or more of the aforementioned traits, an Engineering course might be best suited to you.  You need to keep in mind that you need to have previous coursework in math and science related courses to be eligible for an engineering course.

Types of Engineering Courses

Here are some types of engineering courses that can be pursued:

Computer Engineering: Do you love working with computers and software?  In that case, a computer engineering course will do the trick for you.  It is currently one of the most popular engineering fields around.

Chemical Engineering: In this sphere of Engineering, you will be required to find solutions with the use of chemicals.  You can find employment in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and multiple other industries.

Electronics Engineering: As the name suggests, you end up working with various electronic components and appliances.

Many Others: There are various other engineering fields like Mechanical Engineering, Civil, Biotechnology, etc.

There are multiple Dubai colleges and universities that will offer comprehensive engineering education to you.  However, Bits Pilani presents wholesome course composition and experienced faculty members.  For more information, visit

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Which University Has the Best Mechanical Engineering Courses Dubai?

Masters in mechanical engineering in Dubai�

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is an extremely interesting branch of engineering.  It is challenging because it requires the application of various principles of physics, engineering, as well as material sciences.  With the knowledge of these principles, a mechanical engineer is required to contribute to the manufacturing of mechanical systems.  Apart from that, s/he might also be involved in the designing, analysis, and maintenance of such mechanical systems.  Additionally, it is imperative for the student to have knowledge of some of the core concepts.  These can include electricity, mechanics, kinematics, structural analysis, and more.  If you think that you are fit for such a position, and you would like to pursue a course in mechanical engineering; it is time you started looking for universities/colleges that offer this course.  Dubai is turning out to be the hotspot for international students, and there are multiple mechanical engineering universities in Dubai that offer bachelors and masters degrees.

How to select from among the many mechanical engineering universities in Dubai?

So, there are multiple mechanical engineering colleges in Dubai.  Alongside, there are various international universities too.  So, which college/university would you choose for your course?  To add to the complexity, there are many mechanical engineering courses Dubai that you can pursue.  Follow these simple tips to make your selection simpler:

1. Decide your course: The first step is to decide the course that you wish to pursue.  If you have completed your bachelors already, MS in Mechanical Engineering will be the ideal choice.  This Masters in mechanical engineering in Dubai will open up international avenues for you.  However, if you have just completed your high school, then you will have to look at a Bachelors course.

2. Course Syllabus: The next step is to thoroughly consider the course syllabus of various universities.  You can visit the website of the different universities in Dubai, and consider their course inclusions.  There will be some aspects of certain syllabuses that you wouldn’t like.  On the other hand, there will be some other elements that you will absolutely love.

3. Eligibility: It is also important to evaluate the eligibility criteria of the shortlisted universities.  There can be criteria for marks, work experience, etc.  You don’t want to select a university, just to realize that you are not eligible for it.

4. Professor Profile: Having a glance at the professor profile and pedagogy of the college/university will also give you a hint about the university’s education standards.

5. Alumni Communication: Finally, you can connect with the shortlisted universities’ alumni on social networking sites.  They will be the perfect candidates to shed light on whether the university is a good place to learn.

Bits Pilani, Dubai focuses extensively on overall student development and their future prospects.  The university makes sure that its students are prepared to go out in the market and be successful.  For more information about its courses, you can visit their website – 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to Apply for Biotechnology Courses in Dubai?

Biotechnology is a field that has recently picked up in student popularity.  We realize that many students enquiry about this course and the scope of Biotechnology.  The scope of the field will vary from one country to the other.  However, generally speaking, this seems to be a very interesting field to get into at this point.  There are vast applications of biotechnology.  You can decide to work with the industrial sector, and contribute your skills there.  On the other hand, you can also work with agriculture and related branches.  However, it is imperative that you take up formal education in the field.  If foreign education is on your mind, biotechnology courses in Dubai can be the ideal choice.   Depending on your previous experience, you can either do a B.E. Biotechnology or even PHD in Biotechnology.

Here is a step by step guide of enrolling yourself into Biotechnology courses in the beautiful city of Dubai.  The same process can also apply to multiple other courses.  What’s also worth noting is that this process might vary from one country to another.  Hence, you will be advised to conduct your research before making the application.

Document True Copy: You will be required to submit multiple documents to the university for enrolment.  Make sure that you only submit certified true copies of the document.  If you are not sure about the same, you can even check the university’s requirement on its website or consult your agent.  Some of the documents you will need include passport copy, degree/provisional certificates, college letter, mark sheets, and others.

Qualification: Upon the submission of true copy documents, the university will analyze them to decide the level that you qualify for.  To make sure that you get into the level that’s best fit for you, make sure that your documentation is thorough.

Student Resident Visa: Once the university analysis is over, you will receive an offer letter from the university.  This could be conditional or confirm offer letter, depending upon varying situations.  You need to use this document to apply for you student resident visa.  Again make sure that you have all the information handy and you submit the right documents.  You can refer to various online sources for the same.  Requirements will change with country.  Thus, you need to make sure that you are checking requirements for your specific country.

Once you have the visa ready, you are now good to book your tickets and prepare for a bright future in Dubai.  At Bits Pilani, you are guided through the process of admission and visa to ensure that nothing deters them from getting the right education.  You can know more about this university at  

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Important Questions on Computer Science and Engineering Courses Decoded!

There is no doubt about the fact that our lives are totally governed by computers. Be it a teacher, an accountant or an IT professional; their typical day at work is sure to start and end with computers. You might be aspiring to get a bachelor of computer science. But you have some questions that need to be answered. Let us take a look at some of the frequently asked questions by the students willing to become computer specialists.

Computer Science and Information Technology are same. Aren’t they?
No. There is in fact, a huge difference in the scope of both the sectors. Computer Science is related to the study and development of different software and hardware. Whereas Information Technology is about effectively applying the available software and hardware. When you study Computer Science and Engineering, you might have to learn about developing a new system. Whereas in IT, you have to make the most out of the already available systems by modifying and improving them.

Should I consider international studies?
Of course. The Computer Science syllabus at the international universities is designed by the experts. These courses have both theory and practical sessions so that different concepts can be understood in detail. After the first year, the students also have the freedom to choose the field of their interest or expertise. Some of these sub-disciplines include multimedia networking, embedded controlling, HW and SW design, architecture for building SOA applications etc. At the end of these courses, you will have excellent knowledge and grip in your subject of interest.

Are the educators at colleges in Dubai good?
The colleges in Dubai are getting quite popular pertaining to the expert faculties that teach computer science engineering courses. The teaching professionals at these colleges hold doctorate degree in computer science and publish their research in several international and national level journals. It would be a huge exposure for you as you work hand in hand with these professionals and gain all the expertise and knowledge you need from them.

You must be aware that there are great career prospects after completing your computer engineering degrees. So don’t think much and enroll for your international degree at the earliest. BITS Pilani in Dubai is blessed with some of the best teaching professionals. You can visit the website to know about each one of them. There is also a live chat facility so that you can get information about the admission process from the authorities. Log on to

Types of Degrees Offered by Chemical Engineering Colleges

Chemical engineering is about finding the right sequence of physical and chemical processing operations with the apt operating conditions so that raw materials can be converted into world-class products. However, while making these products, one has to keep various different factors like security, sustainability, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness in mind. Before you take up a chemical engineering course, you must know what it entails at the undergraduate, post graduate and PHD level. So here is a brief and step by step guide as to what to expect while you pursue it at different levels.

Undergraduate Studies
The graduation year is mostly about clearing the fundamentals of chemical engineering. Most of the chemical engineering colleges help the students to develop the much needed skills to become a chemical engineer. It involves hands-on laboratory experience, industrial site visits, web based learning and interactive sessions with faculties, group projects and much more. After the B Tech in Chemical engineering the students are more than job ready. They can also clear campus interviews and find a paid internship for themselves.

Post-Graduation Studies
If you take up post-graduation of chemical engineering in Dubai, you will have the chance to study topics like thermodynamics, mineral processing, wastewater treatments and corrosion. As the petroleum and petrochemical industries are booming in UAE, it will accelerate your chance to find the best job in your sector.  You might also be eligible to take up a managerial level post in one of these industries and earn the salary you always yearned for.

PHD in Chemical Engineering
At the PHD level and before you pursue this degree, you must have the potential of becoming an independent researcher. You should also be able to apply chemical engineering principles and experimental techniques to your own research problems. Needless to say, you are expected to submit an application mentioning your purpose to take up PHD in Chemical Engineering, clear the entrance tests and provide the certificates as the proof of your post-graduation with the subject you chose. The doctorate degree achieved from a prestigious university is sure to take you places. But you must have the willingness to innovate and pursue the program with patience.

The above mentioned are some of the degrees you can graduate with. If you are looking for a good college to study, consider applying at BITS Pilani, one of the leading colleges of engineering in the UAE. Know more about the programs offered in Chemical engineering from

Reasons to Consider Ms in Mechanical Engineering

When you try to know and understand more about different engineering areas, you will discover that Mechanical Engineering has a huge scope and spectrum. Right from creating, designing, manufacturing and sales, the mechanical engineers are involved into an array of professional activities. If you warded off the idea of getting your MS in Mechanical Engineering, you must reconsider it looking into the comprehensiveness of the field. Want to know in detail as to why it might be a good option? Take a look at the three major reasons:

Bridging the Skills Gap
The demand supply gap of mechanical engineers is quite huge according to a research study in 2015. The research proved that there is a possibility of recruiting 1.82 million people between the years 2012 to 2022. However, only 100,000 people are recruited annually. This huge gap can be filled if you enhance your potential and work towards getting your master’s degree. By getting a job of your choice and a decent salary, you will also be able to contribute to the economic growth of the country that you work in. The mechanical engineering colleges in Dubai have several bridging programs to help you upgrade your skills.

Jack of all trades
It wouldn’t be wrong to call a mechanical engineer the ‘Jack of All Trades’ as they have an all-inclusive skill set with knowledge of mathematics, electricity, physics and computer applications. Apart from these skills, their field asks for them to have an understanding of environmental, economic and social factors. If you pursue your masters in mechanical engineering in Dubai, you are likely to develop the above mentioned skills. You will also gain a broader perspective about the field work that mechanical engineers are involved into.

Extraordinary pay scale
Whether you accomplish your degree from the mechanical engineering colleges in Dubai or from any other country, you are sure to enjoy the luxuries that you always desired! Students who have excellent mechanical engineering skills hold a lot of value in the market and their salary slips reflect huge figures. In countries like U.K, the mechanical engineers earn an average salary £26,197 annually. Isn’t that fascinating?

Mechanical engineers are the frontrunners when it comes to developing innovative technologies for the healthcare, transport, robotics and construction industries. If this gives you an adrenaline rush, there can’t be a better time for you to consider taking up post-graduation. Engineers are always in demand. So don’t look back and visit the website of BITS Pilani to inquire more about the mechanical engineering courses dubai. Make a choice at now!

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Electrical And Electronics Engineering: Know The Difference

There exists a lot of confusion amongst people when it comes to knowing the difference between electrical and electronics engineering. Some are not even aware that there is a difference and some might mistakenly consider one for another. As such, the growing awareness in Information Technology systems is making people ignorant towards other professions. But the most underrated jobs remain the most paid ones. If you have taken up one of the electrical engineering courses from abroad, you are sure to find amazingly paid jobs! Several developed countries are demanding more and more number of electrical engineers.

Similarity and Differences

Before you take one of these engineering courses in Dubai, you must know that both these subjects will ask for you to have strong base in mathematics and science. The department of electrical and electronics are mostly the same at most universities in UAE and you can learn everything from basic to advanced level. You can graduate with the following degrees.

B.E. (Hons.) Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
B.E ( Hons) Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (E&I)
B.E. (Hons.) Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

If you have already completed your bachelor’s degree, you can also choose to go for higher studies or master’s degree. Conduct your research on electronics engineering syllabus so that you can have a clearer picture of the degree you are willing to graduate/post-graduate with. You can also know in detail about what is covered in each semester and what can you expect to learn.

Scope of Work

After the post-graduation is completed, a skilled and experience electrical engineer usually tends to make an enviable sum every month. On the other hand, a person who has studied electronics and communication engineering is responsible for crafting and developing different mobile devices and technologies. Thanks to these engineers, we can lead a happy ‘online life’ and enjoy the benefits of advanced communications. Apart from developing these products and their prototypes, an electronic engineer is also involved in submitting proposals for different technologies.

A humungous electronics engineering syllabus can also give you an array of options when it comes to choosing your profession. You can also work in the field of robotics and nanotechnology. If you like to grow with each passing day and love taking up challenges, it is the best profession for you!

BITS Pilani is one of the most popular and esteemed universities that offer excellent teaching environment, hands-on laboratory experience and highly skilled experts who work as educators. You can know more about the university and the courses offered by visiting the website It’s your time to make your mark as an engineer. Your dream might be just a click away!

Author’s Bio: Mahesh shiraskar is an engineering expert and frequently speaks about the importance of electrical and electronics engineering