Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Important Questions on Computer Science and Engineering Courses Decoded!

There is no doubt about the fact that our lives are totally governed by computers. Be it a teacher, an accountant or an IT professional; their typical day at work is sure to start and end with computers. You might be aspiring to get a bachelor of computer science. But you have some questions that need to be answered. Let us take a look at some of the frequently asked questions by the students willing to become computer specialists.

Computer Science and Information Technology are same. Aren’t they?
No. There is in fact, a huge difference in the scope of both the sectors. Computer Science is related to the study and development of different software and hardware. Whereas Information Technology is about effectively applying the available software and hardware. When you study Computer Science and Engineering, you might have to learn about developing a new system. Whereas in IT, you have to make the most out of the already available systems by modifying and improving them.

Should I consider international studies?
Of course. The Computer Science syllabus at the international universities is designed by the experts. These courses have both theory and practical sessions so that different concepts can be understood in detail. After the first year, the students also have the freedom to choose the field of their interest or expertise. Some of these sub-disciplines include multimedia networking, embedded controlling, HW and SW design, architecture for building SOA applications etc. At the end of these courses, you will have excellent knowledge and grip in your subject of interest.

Are the educators at colleges in Dubai good?
The colleges in Dubai are getting quite popular pertaining to the expert faculties that teach computer science engineering courses. The teaching professionals at these colleges hold doctorate degree in computer science and publish their research in several international and national level journals. It would be a huge exposure for you as you work hand in hand with these professionals and gain all the expertise and knowledge you need from them.

You must be aware that there are great career prospects after completing your computer engineering degrees. So don’t think much and enroll for your international degree at the earliest. BITS Pilani in Dubai is blessed with some of the best teaching professionals. You can visit the website to know about each one of them. There is also a live chat facility so that you can get information about the admission process from the authorities. Log on to www.bits-pilani.ac.in/dubai/

Types of Degrees Offered by Chemical Engineering Colleges

Chemical engineering is about finding the right sequence of physical and chemical processing operations with the apt operating conditions so that raw materials can be converted into world-class products. However, while making these products, one has to keep various different factors like security, sustainability, environmental impact, and cost-effectiveness in mind. Before you take up a chemical engineering course, you must know what it entails at the undergraduate, post graduate and PHD level. So here is a brief and step by step guide as to what to expect while you pursue it at different levels.

Undergraduate Studies
The graduation year is mostly about clearing the fundamentals of chemical engineering. Most of the chemical engineering colleges help the students to develop the much needed skills to become a chemical engineer. It involves hands-on laboratory experience, industrial site visits, web based learning and interactive sessions with faculties, group projects and much more. After the B Tech in Chemical engineering the students are more than job ready. They can also clear campus interviews and find a paid internship for themselves.

Post-Graduation Studies
If you take up post-graduation of chemical engineering in Dubai, you will have the chance to study topics like thermodynamics, mineral processing, wastewater treatments and corrosion. As the petroleum and petrochemical industries are booming in UAE, it will accelerate your chance to find the best job in your sector.  You might also be eligible to take up a managerial level post in one of these industries and earn the salary you always yearned for.

PHD in Chemical Engineering
At the PHD level and before you pursue this degree, you must have the potential of becoming an independent researcher. You should also be able to apply chemical engineering principles and experimental techniques to your own research problems. Needless to say, you are expected to submit an application mentioning your purpose to take up PHD in Chemical Engineering, clear the entrance tests and provide the certificates as the proof of your post-graduation with the subject you chose. The doctorate degree achieved from a prestigious university is sure to take you places. But you must have the willingness to innovate and pursue the program with patience.

The above mentioned are some of the degrees you can graduate with. If you are looking for a good college to study, consider applying at BITS Pilani, one of the leading colleges of engineering in the UAE. Know more about the programs offered in Chemical engineering from www.bits-pilani.ac.in/dubai/

Reasons to Consider Ms in Mechanical Engineering

When you try to know and understand more about different engineering areas, you will discover that Mechanical Engineering has a huge scope and spectrum. Right from creating, designing, manufacturing and sales, the mechanical engineers are involved into an array of professional activities. If you warded off the idea of getting your MS in Mechanical Engineering, you must reconsider it looking into the comprehensiveness of the field. Want to know in detail as to why it might be a good option? Take a look at the three major reasons:

Bridging the Skills Gap
The demand supply gap of mechanical engineers is quite huge according to a research study in 2015. The research proved that there is a possibility of recruiting 1.82 million people between the years 2012 to 2022. However, only 100,000 people are recruited annually. This huge gap can be filled if you enhance your potential and work towards getting your master’s degree. By getting a job of your choice and a decent salary, you will also be able to contribute to the economic growth of the country that you work in. The mechanical engineering colleges in Dubai have several bridging programs to help you upgrade your skills.

Jack of all trades
It wouldn’t be wrong to call a mechanical engineer the ‘Jack of All Trades’ as they have an all-inclusive skill set with knowledge of mathematics, electricity, physics and computer applications. Apart from these skills, their field asks for them to have an understanding of environmental, economic and social factors. If you pursue your masters in mechanical engineering in Dubai, you are likely to develop the above mentioned skills. You will also gain a broader perspective about the field work that mechanical engineers are involved into.

Extraordinary pay scale
Whether you accomplish your degree from the mechanical engineering colleges in Dubai or from any other country, you are sure to enjoy the luxuries that you always desired! Students who have excellent mechanical engineering skills hold a lot of value in the market and their salary slips reflect huge figures. In countries like U.K, the mechanical engineers earn an average salary £26,197 annually. Isn’t that fascinating?

Mechanical engineers are the frontrunners when it comes to developing innovative technologies for the healthcare, transport, robotics and construction industries. If this gives you an adrenaline rush, there can’t be a better time for you to consider taking up post-graduation. Engineers are always in demand. So don’t look back and visit the website of BITS Pilani to inquire more about the mechanical engineering courses dubai. Make a choice at www.bits-pilani.ac.in/dubai/ now!