Friday, July 15, 2016

What an MS in Mechanical Engineering Can Get You?

So, the world of automobiles is changing.  In the yesteryears, people were extremely concerned about how their car performed.  With the passage of time, people started thinking of the looks and performance of their career.  In other words, how their car moved was pertinent without any doubt.  However, they also wanted to make sure that the car looked great.  In today’s modern world, that has changed even further.  Not only do car buyers care about looks and performance, they also want to think about how eco-friendly their vehicle is.  So, why are we telling you about this?  That’s because this gives us a hint towards how mechanical engineering has gradually transitioned.  A bachelor’s or MS in mechanical engineering student will today have to broaden their perspective and look at various different things in order to be successful.


Let us first clarify that mechanical engineering is not just about cars.  However, among the various industries that mechanical engineers can shape; automobiles happens to be one of the prime ones.  To put it in simple words, mechanical engineering is about design, construction, and use of machines.  This discipline applies concepts of engineering, physics, and even materials science.  Mechanical engineers can design, analyze, build, and maintain any mechanical system.


So, let’s come back to the topic that we started off with.  Recently, some of the top mechanical engineers are trying to create prototypes of eco-friendly cars.  We have all heard of cars that use multiple sources of energy to make them environmentally efficient.  It makes them cheaper to run too.  Students and professionals are now going forward and trying to build cars that completely work on renewable sources of energy.  However, developing them is not the only aspect.  One needs to look at their utility and efficiency too.

If you pursue your bachelor’s and/or MS in mechanical engineering, you open up the flood gates of opportunities.  You might be one of those people who love cars and care for the environment.  Mechanical Engineering can just the perfect avenue for you to apply your knowledge to chase your passion.


We have clearly established now that mechanical engineering can be an interesting career choice for you.  You get to pursue your passion.  However, where do you do it from?  Dubai can be a unique choice for you in that regard.  There are a wide range of mechanical engineering colleges in Dubai that offer very high quality of education to you.  In addition to that, there is absolutely no dearth of mechanical engineering universities in Dubai.  In short, you have all the options to make a strategic choice.

Bits Pilani is one of the highly reputed mechanical engineering universities in Dubai.  Not only does the university offer great education, it also has a range of courses to offer.  Hence, if you wish to select from a wide range of mechanical engineering courses in Dubai, you can visit Bits Pilani’s website at or contact the admission team at:

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Mahesh Shiraskar is an academician and believes that students should follow their passion.  An MS in mechanical engineering can be one great way of doing that.

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