Thursday, April 21, 2016

Engineering Courses List in Dubai is Wide & Comprehensive

If you need to engineer your career in a way that it guarantees success, an engineering degree from Dubai is the right choice for you.  An engineer is generally required to work across various industries.  S/he is required to design as well as implement solutions for day-to-day living of people.  The eventual goal is to make the world a more efficient place.  An engineer needs to pick up a field of work, and build solutions there.  Hence, you might want to specialize in mechanical engineering or computer engineering or one of the various other fields.  To do the same, you need to pick from the comprehensive engineering courses list.  When it comes to Dubai, it has it all for you.  Not only does it offer a range of courses, it presents multiple job opportunities as well.   When you study in Dubai, you are presented with some of the best engineering courses.  On completing your education, you have the option of working in the field of finance, science, technology, civil engineering, infrastructure, education, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

Why Engineering?

Here are some personality traits that can justify pursuing an Engineering course:
  • Are you inquisitive?
  • Do you love to solve problems?
  • Do you like to trouble-shoot technology’s application?
These are common personality traits found in engineers.  They love to solve problems and the application of current technology in various facets of life.  If you have one or more of the aforementioned traits, an Engineering course might be best suited to you.  You need to keep in mind that you need to have previous coursework in math and science related courses to be eligible for an engineering course.

Types of Engineering Courses

Here are some types of engineering courses that can be pursued:

Computer Engineering: Do you love working with computers and software?  In that case, a computer engineering course will do the trick for you.  It is currently one of the most popular engineering fields around.

Chemical Engineering: In this sphere of Engineering, you will be required to find solutions with the use of chemicals.  You can find employment in pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and multiple other industries.

Electronics Engineering: As the name suggests, you end up working with various electronic components and appliances.

Many Others: There are various other engineering fields like Mechanical Engineering, Civil, Biotechnology, etc.

There are multiple Dubai colleges and universities that will offer comprehensive engineering education to you.  However, Bits Pilani presents wholesome course composition and experienced faculty members.  For more information, visit

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Which University Has the Best Mechanical Engineering Courses Dubai?

Masters in mechanical engineering in Dubai�

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is an extremely interesting branch of engineering.  It is challenging because it requires the application of various principles of physics, engineering, as well as material sciences.  With the knowledge of these principles, a mechanical engineer is required to contribute to the manufacturing of mechanical systems.  Apart from that, s/he might also be involved in the designing, analysis, and maintenance of such mechanical systems.  Additionally, it is imperative for the student to have knowledge of some of the core concepts.  These can include electricity, mechanics, kinematics, structural analysis, and more.  If you think that you are fit for such a position, and you would like to pursue a course in mechanical engineering; it is time you started looking for universities/colleges that offer this course.  Dubai is turning out to be the hotspot for international students, and there are multiple mechanical engineering universities in Dubai that offer bachelors and masters degrees.

How to select from among the many mechanical engineering universities in Dubai?

So, there are multiple mechanical engineering colleges in Dubai.  Alongside, there are various international universities too.  So, which college/university would you choose for your course?  To add to the complexity, there are many mechanical engineering courses Dubai that you can pursue.  Follow these simple tips to make your selection simpler:

1. Decide your course: The first step is to decide the course that you wish to pursue.  If you have completed your bachelors already, MS in Mechanical Engineering will be the ideal choice.  This Masters in mechanical engineering in Dubai will open up international avenues for you.  However, if you have just completed your high school, then you will have to look at a Bachelors course.

2. Course Syllabus: The next step is to thoroughly consider the course syllabus of various universities.  You can visit the website of the different universities in Dubai, and consider their course inclusions.  There will be some aspects of certain syllabuses that you wouldn’t like.  On the other hand, there will be some other elements that you will absolutely love.

3. Eligibility: It is also important to evaluate the eligibility criteria of the shortlisted universities.  There can be criteria for marks, work experience, etc.  You don’t want to select a university, just to realize that you are not eligible for it.

4. Professor Profile: Having a glance at the professor profile and pedagogy of the college/university will also give you a hint about the university’s education standards.

5. Alumni Communication: Finally, you can connect with the shortlisted universities’ alumni on social networking sites.  They will be the perfect candidates to shed light on whether the university is a good place to learn.

Bits Pilani, Dubai focuses extensively on overall student development and their future prospects.  The university makes sure that its students are prepared to go out in the market and be successful.  For more information about its courses, you can visit their website – 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How to Apply for Biotechnology Courses in Dubai?

Biotechnology is a field that has recently picked up in student popularity.  We realize that many students enquiry about this course and the scope of Biotechnology.  The scope of the field will vary from one country to the other.  However, generally speaking, this seems to be a very interesting field to get into at this point.  There are vast applications of biotechnology.  You can decide to work with the industrial sector, and contribute your skills there.  On the other hand, you can also work with agriculture and related branches.  However, it is imperative that you take up formal education in the field.  If foreign education is on your mind, biotechnology courses in Dubai can be the ideal choice.   Depending on your previous experience, you can either do a B.E. Biotechnology or even PHD in Biotechnology.

Here is a step by step guide of enrolling yourself into Biotechnology courses in the beautiful city of Dubai.  The same process can also apply to multiple other courses.  What’s also worth noting is that this process might vary from one country to another.  Hence, you will be advised to conduct your research before making the application.

Document True Copy: You will be required to submit multiple documents to the university for enrolment.  Make sure that you only submit certified true copies of the document.  If you are not sure about the same, you can even check the university’s requirement on its website or consult your agent.  Some of the documents you will need include passport copy, degree/provisional certificates, college letter, mark sheets, and others.

Qualification: Upon the submission of true copy documents, the university will analyze them to decide the level that you qualify for.  To make sure that you get into the level that’s best fit for you, make sure that your documentation is thorough.

Student Resident Visa: Once the university analysis is over, you will receive an offer letter from the university.  This could be conditional or confirm offer letter, depending upon varying situations.  You need to use this document to apply for you student resident visa.  Again make sure that you have all the information handy and you submit the right documents.  You can refer to various online sources for the same.  Requirements will change with country.  Thus, you need to make sure that you are checking requirements for your specific country.

Once you have the visa ready, you are now good to book your tickets and prepare for a bright future in Dubai.  At Bits Pilani, you are guided through the process of admission and visa to ensure that nothing deters them from getting the right education.  You can know more about this university at