Friday, February 26, 2016

Electrical And Electronics Engineering: Know The Difference

There exists a lot of confusion amongst people when it comes to knowing the difference between electrical and electronics engineering. Some are not even aware that there is a difference and some might mistakenly consider one for another. As such, the growing awareness in Information Technology systems is making people ignorant towards other professions. But the most underrated jobs remain the most paid ones. If you have taken up one of the electrical engineering courses from abroad, you are sure to find amazingly paid jobs! Several developed countries are demanding more and more number of electrical engineers.

Similarity and Differences

Before you take one of these engineering courses in Dubai, you must know that both these subjects will ask for you to have strong base in mathematics and science. The department of electrical and electronics are mostly the same at most universities in UAE and you can learn everything from basic to advanced level. You can graduate with the following degrees.

B.E. (Hons.) Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
B.E ( Hons) Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (E&I)
B.E. (Hons.) Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

If you have already completed your bachelor’s degree, you can also choose to go for higher studies or master’s degree. Conduct your research on electronics engineering syllabus so that you can have a clearer picture of the degree you are willing to graduate/post-graduate with. You can also know in detail about what is covered in each semester and what can you expect to learn.

Scope of Work

After the post-graduation is completed, a skilled and experience electrical engineer usually tends to make an enviable sum every month. On the other hand, a person who has studied electronics and communication engineering is responsible for crafting and developing different mobile devices and technologies. Thanks to these engineers, we can lead a happy ‘online life’ and enjoy the benefits of advanced communications. Apart from developing these products and their prototypes, an electronic engineer is also involved in submitting proposals for different technologies.

A humungous electronics engineering syllabus can also give you an array of options when it comes to choosing your profession. You can also work in the field of robotics and nanotechnology. If you like to grow with each passing day and love taking up challenges, it is the best profession for you!

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Author’s Bio: Mahesh shiraskar is an engineering expert and frequently speaks about the importance of electrical and electronics engineering

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